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Society of Women Coders has been offering digital literacy and coding classes to hundreds of young Afghan girls in Kabul and neighboring provinces since 2018.

In the last few months SOWCoders has received several helpless messages from our students and local partners and staff in Kabul and nearing provinces. In our attempt to amplify their voices, we want to send a message that We see them and We care. 

Millions of young girls in Afghanistan as of today who are living in the constant fear of that mortifying ‘knock on the door’. These young women were born in a troubled Afghanistan but nothing ever prepared them for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Right to Education, Career and Ambition go hand in hand with the fight of gender equality. And if the women in Afghanistan are pulled backward by a hundred years, it is a slap in the face on the legacy of millions of Women around the world who gave their lives for this fight. It is a painful step backward in our pursuit of an equal and happy society - a humiliating defeat for humanity. We will continue to help our students on their path of learning.



We at SOW Coders believe in doing PERIOD 

Proud to share that keeping true to our resolve after the unfortunate situation in Afghanistan in August of 2021, Our team has been able to enroll 212 Afghan girls (Pan Afghanistan and Refugees) in our 20 weeks long Digital+Crypto Literacy and Coding residency program for the 2022 cohort. We are also providing internet scholarships on a need basis to the ones that applied for it to increase retention. 

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