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Coding Without Borders

Coding Without Borders is a virtual Global Initiative initiated by SOWCoders in the wake of the COVID-19 global  crisis. 

We offer Free Virtual Introductory Coding Camp to any girl around the world with access to a PC/laptop with internet at home and a will to learn! The module is also full of fireside chats and panels by powerful Women in Tech around the world!

Coding Without Borders reached a total of 1200 girls in 27 countries in our multiple iterations since the launch in 2020. 

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We picked our lane of Impact this Quarantine

Join us along with the 1000 girls around the world and our team of Mentors and Instructors!

Upcoming -

Coding w/o borders 2.o

Partnerships and Registrations

Become a Mentor/TA -

What to expect and How to Apply?

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Coding w/o borders - Have a look!

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